Selling Point Communication

BP Portugal - BP Convinience

In 2019, BP Portugal launched a challenge of great magnitude at various levels. Rebranding, producing, and distributing all communication pieces that concern the brand's promotional activity. This activity extends throughout the year and is divided into two segments - Food (the Coffee area) and Shop (related to Convenience products).


A graphic line was created for each of these segments. The Shop segment was allocated a green fund in volume.


In turn, the Food segment was redesigned with a black textured background with some lighting spots, in which the products always appear on top of a light wooden base.


Not only was Shift Thinkers the creator of the communication pieces, but it was also responsible for monitoring their production and even distributing them to the service stations, in a project that even earned BP international recognition for improving the overall image of Food products. You're welcome, BP Portugal.

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