O Biológico de Cerelac


This project aimed to launch, in a creative way, Cerelac’s rebranding and three new products for digital influencers.

Graphic Design | Packaging | Press Kit
Starting Point

Cerelac is the most important brand and the one with the biggest equity within Nestlé’s Baby Food segment.


This Love Brand is recognised by its experience and its presence in the life of many Portuguese families for 80 years.

A Cerelac’s biological product is born!
Presenting Cerelac Bolachinhas de Maçã Bio sem glúten

Emphasize the products’ “Bio” factor, an approach totally focused on nature.

Easy to go for a walk!
Presenting Cerelac Nutipuffs + Cerelac Multifrutos

Pratical products, allowing them to be consumed anytime, anywhere, lightening parents’ day to day life.

Beware: Suprises inside!
Presenting Cerelac’s pap new image

Focus on exhibiting the new packaging’s layout, presenting the new logo.