360º Development - BP premierplus 2019/2020 Catalog

BP Portugal

The development of the BP premierplus Catalog 2019/2020 edition, one of BP Portugal's most important and ambitious annual trade marketing actions, was assigned to Shift Thinkers, after a market consultation.

A catalog and a creative communication campaign, online and offline, which helped to materialize the concept “O melhor, todos os dias” (“Everyday brighter”) in a very direct and attractive way.

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BP premierplus 2019/2020 Catalog

In the 2019/2020 edition, we disrupted with the traditional format of this catalog and created a calendar full of proposals to help BP customers get the best out of each day.

360º Campaign

A catalog that links gifts to special days to help BP customers get the best out of every day.


Shift Thinkers was also responsible for the development of communication at the selling point, radio spot, and video present on various platforms.