Shift Thinkers releases special support for Companies.

april 2020

During a time where social isolation prevails. When most companies and businesses are suspended. When no one knows what tomorrow will bring. Staying connected is more important than ever. Connected not only to family and friends but also, to those who run a business, staying connected to clients, providers, and partners. We want to help all companies, from the smallest to the largest, through special support, build bridges with their clients and partners. We are here, more than ever, to help companies reinvent themselves and prepare for when their businesses become active again. In order for us all to grow, together, when all of this is over. Until then, we are going to change our “Growing Brands” signature to “Growing Bridges”.

Shift Thinkers releases special support for Companies.

Strong Bridge | Support for Small and Micro Enterprises  

To whom


To all small and micro enterprises, which at this time, due to the state of emergency and quarantine period, have been deprived of continuing their normal activity and who are creating new ways to provide and serve their customers with new services adapted to this period, or have already outlined plans to restart the activity when returning to the new normal is allowed.



It is very important for these companies to be able to rely on an experienced Creative Agency to create the right image and message to efficiently disseminate all their efforts and the new alternatives available to their customers. It's also important to take the opportunity to strengthen ties with them so that, on the return of their normal activity, they remain there and even closer to themselves and their Brand.

Starting already planning communication campaigns and reopening actions for the return to activity is vital so that, at the right time, they tell their customers "we are here, they are very welcome". Everything happens very fast and the secret is to have everything ready so that, on D-day, they are the first.

It is vital for businesses that your Brands continue to communicate, even with closed doors, to maintain their connection with their customers and ensure that they will be there on their return.


Shift Thinkers Support

We are specialists in the creation, management and dissemination of several national and international brands, and we want to contribute effectively to a good result from the effort of all these small and micro-enterprises.


Helping small businesses today, in order to have the strongest economy possible tomorrow.


Until May 30, 2020, small and micro companies that contact us to help them in the situations presented above, will enjoy special conditions – Creation of layout and message of the campaign completely free + each piece to be developed will be charged at a symbolic price + special payment conditions.

NOTE: To access this support, it will be necessary to present a small or micro enterprise certificate issued by IAPMEI.



Solidarity Bridge | Support for all Companies  


To whom


All pro-bono companies which are supporting health professionals, nursing homes, charities, schools and children in distance learning, the population in the provision of personal protective equipment, animal associations and producers of essential goods, among others. This Shift Thinkers support is aimed at all companies that are actively contributing to solving this crisis and the fast returning of the country to the new normal.  

All initiatives of these companies will have to be happening within the framework of the Covid pandemic19, either in the quarantine period or in the period of the country's return to activity.  



When communicating their initiatives, these companies will have the opportunity to involve partners and customers around them. They will inspire other companies to act the same way. Because one idea leads to another, these examples can help more companies get that idea they lacked to take advantage of their resources and also actively help.  


The companies that take the initiative and contribute for the country to have better resources and for the population's safety, will see their brands more recognized and cherished by the general public and their customers when everything starts again.  


In addition to the present, these companies that have spared no effort, have also to think about the next day and continue ahead, starting to plan campaigns and communication actions for the return of their business to normal activity and /or launch new products or services as a result of the experience gained at this time.  


Solidarity is the most important value that the Brand can practice now and will be the value for which, without a doubt, it will be cherished tomorrow by its customers and by all Portuguese.  


Shift Thinkers Support


As specialists in the creation, management and dissemination of various national and international brands, we also want to make our social contribution in such demanding times. We think that the most effective way to put our Know-How at the service of the country as a Creative Agency, is to help those who help.  

Until 30 May, all companies that want, through a communication campaign, to publicize their pro bono initiatives, can contact us and the creative development of it will be 100% free. This covers all campaigns that publicize the initiative, or, on the basis of that initiative, campaigns to return to normal activity.


For more additional information, please contact:

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