Innovate Oeiras

july 2021

Shift Thinkers was invited to showcase the best of creativity at INNOVATE®️ OEIRAS.

Innovate Oeiras

INNOVATE®️ OEIRAS is a Portfolio with about 120 stories of Innovation, which aims to create a Unique Global Ecosystem for Innovation and Development. It proudly gathers and showcases success stories with the help of augmented reality videos, an E-book version, and a global outreach. This year, the choice fell in Oeiras for being an aggregator city for several tech and innovation companies which are references in Portugal, as well as in other countries. And of course, Shift Thinkers couldn't miss it.


It is with great pride that Shift Thinkers is part of such an incredible project that brings people together while showing success and innovation stories from all nations, their cities, their businesses, and people, to the whole world.

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