BP Masks - 360 campaign

june 2020

Shift Thinkers delivers, in the middle of a pandemic, a 360 campaign for BP Portugal.

BP Masks - 360 campaign

Faced with the pandemic COVID 19, and in order to be part of the solution, BP Portugal, in a major social responsibility campaign to support the Portuguese Red Cross, put up for sale, in its network, 500,000 reusable masks, fully produced in Portugal according to the European standard.


A great logistics and communication operation that required a matching partner. Shift Thinkers was not only the creative agency chosen to design the collection of masks, but also created the overall concept of the campaign and developed all communication, from the radio commercial to the store poster.


“Do your best, every day” served as a motto for this campaign which, in addition to providing an essential service to all BP Portugal customers, served to stimulate the national economy and, last but not least, to help the Portuguese Red Cross.


Learn more at www.bp.pt

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